According to a new Gallup poll, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has reclaimed his national lead over Rick Santorum with a 32 percent to 28 percent advantage over the former Senator. As of a week ago, Santorum held a 10-percentage-point … Continue reading»

Drudge leads conservative backlash against Gingrich

Matt Drudge is on the warpath. The conservative mega-blogger is functioning as a one-man virtual Super PAC, driving story after story after story critical of Newt Gingrich, challenging his claim to the conservative mantle. A few of Drudge’s nuggets … … Continue reading»

By Joseph Walker, Deseret News Several nationally prominent news outlets have taken advantage of the recent release of two years worth of Mitt Romney’s tax documents to take a close look at LDS tithing doctrine, policy and practice. Rachel Zoll … Continue reading»

By Joseph Walker, Deseret News With the release of Mitt Romney’s tax records on Tuesday, the world now knows what was previously known only by a select few: Mitt and Ann Romney pay 10 percent of their income in tithing … Continue reading»

Mitt Romney on the offensive

The big news from Monday’s debate in Florida was a decidedly  more offensive minded Mitt Romney. He attacked Newt Gingrich numerous times from the start for his role as a “historical consultant” for Freddie Mac and for “influence peddling” on … Continue reading»

Florida Debate a Whimper, Not a Bang

If this debate had happened in South Carolina, i.e., if that one had been this dry and toothless, we’d be looking at a different campaign. The mainstream media rescued Newt last week with ABC’s ex-wife interview and CNN’s high hanging … Continue reading»

A  psychiatrist named Keith Ablow writes for Fox News that Newt Gingrich’s serial infidelities may make him a more effective president, in part because his willingness to speak bluntly to his newly-diagnosed-with-serious-illnesses-and-soon-to-be-former-wives might help him explain difficult things to the … Continue reading»

Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum throw haymakers in debate

CNN’s John King began Thursday night’s presidential debate with a blistering question straight at Newt Gingrich on his ex-wife’s charge that he sought an open marriage as a solution to his adultery. Gingrich struck back hard at King, and seemed … Continue reading»

By Joshua Bolding, Deseret News Maybe whom you marry is the most important decision you make after all. As Republican candidates jockey for position just a few days before the South Carolina primaries, the candidates’ wives are making more headlines than … Continue reading»

At this point in the political career of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, it’s well known the former Massachusetts governor is capable of eliciting wildly polarizing opinions from media pundits. That divergence has perhaps never been more obvious than with … Continue reading»