SALT LAKE CITY — Criticism of the Common Core State Standards is intensifying as Utah’s election season progresses. Utah has been a part of the consortium of states implementing common educational standards for more than two years. But the topic has gained notoriety in recent months, from multiple bills debated during the legislative session asserting the state’s educational sovereignty, to candidates for public office frequently being questioned on … Continue reading»

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s too close to call whether Gov. Gary Herbert and Sen. Orrin Hatch have enough delegate support at Saturday’s state Republican Party Convention to avoid a primary, a new poll shows. The Utah Foundation survey of GOP delegates found both Herbert and Hatch had just one point over the 60 percent threshold needed to become the party’s nominee. Herbert’s closest challenger is former state … Continue reading»

SALT LAKE CITY — A secret poll of state senators found them favoring one of their former colleagues in the race for U.S. Senate. Republican Dan Liljenquist came out on top in an informal poll conducted by the Office of the Legislative Auditor General. The former Bountiful senator garnered 11 votes, incumbent Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, received seven, while another former state senator, Democrat Scott Howell, got two. … Continue reading»

Rev. Robert Jeffress endorses Mitt Romney and shared values

Last October, Rev. Robert Jeffress, a Baptist megachurch pastor and supporter of then-presidential candidate Rick Perry, launched a media firestorm of reaction and criticism when he belittled Mitt Romney’s presidential bid by referring to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – to which Romney belongs – as a non-Christian cult. On Sunday, Rev. Jeffress officially endorsed Mitt Romney for president because President Barack Obama “opposes Biblical … Continue reading»

Hatch, Liljenquist, Herrod debate before convention

SALT LAKE CITY — U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch and his key Republican challengers met in their second and final debate before this weekend’s state convention, with each emphasizing their strengths in a final push for delegate votes. Like their previous debate several weeks ago, Monday night’s affair between Hatch, state Rep. Chris Herrod and former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist on the campus of Dixie State College in St. … Continue reading»

SALT LAKE CITY — Delegates will be greeted by the usual flurry of banners, booths and buttons Saturday at the Republican state convention. They will also be handed a small electronic keypad — their ballot — the only one they will need all day. Instead of standing in long lines to cast paper ballots for each round of voting and then waiting for results to be tabulated, delegates … Continue reading»

By Daryl Acumen, For the Deseret News I’ve been asked who I thought won the first Senate debate, held April 14. My answer is that all three candidates won the debate that night, depending on how you define “winning.” Hatch won by standing his ground in a dignified manner and defending his record while literally being attacked on both sides. The most disappointing moment for me as a … Continue reading»

FreedomWorks math doesn’t add up

Commentary: By Daryl Acumen, For the Deseret News On March 14th 2012, Deseret News staff writer Jared Page published a story titled “Utah GOP battling efforts to manipulate party caucuses.” In it, he describes FreedomWorks’ statewide effort to persuade its like-minded followers to get nominated, even at the expense of doing things out of the ordinary, or out of step with the state’s Republican Party rules. The smoking … Continue reading»

Utah mother works to preserve history

Commentary: By Kristen Price, For the Deseret News As a delegate to the Utah State Republican Convention, I was invited to attend the state school board meeting on April 13 to get a better understanding of the controversial Common Core Initative supported by Gov. Gary Herbert but not his opponents. I sat next to a woman, Lydia Nuttall, and we began a conversation while we waited for the … Continue reading»

A delegate’s take: At issue with Common Core

Commentary: By Kristen Price, For the Deseret News As a delegate, I am spending a lot of time attending candidate presentations, usually two or three a day. With the exception of Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, all of the candidates I have interviewed are against the Common Core initiative that the governor has committed Utah to participate in. At one meeting last week, I was invited by a delegate … Continue reading»