Republicans hope a big Super Tuesday win in Massachusetts for former Governor Mitt Romney could put the state, normally a lock for Democrats, up for grabs in November.

Wishing for a Reagan at a Super Tuesday precinct

By Calvin Woodward, Associated Press At a Super Tuesday church precinct in Fayetteville, Ga., businessman Glenn Valencia crisply assessed the pros and cons of Republican presidential candidates in a way that could make Mitt Romney swoon. Rick Santorum: “Christian man, … Continue reading»

From Gallup: PRINCETON, NJ — Republicans view Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney with roughly equal intensity going into the Super Tuesday primaries. Santorum’s Positive Intensity Score of +15 and Romney’s of +13 are based on Republicans and Republican-leaning independents familiar … Continue reading»

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — For housewife Teresa Price, Ohio’s GOP presidential primary on Super Tuesday is about choosing which candidate can do the most for the nation’s economy. So she said she’s voting for Mitt Romney, who suggested in a speech … Continue reading»