Graphic: Mitt Romney outpaces rivals on TV ads

Republican front-runner Mitt Romney and his super political action committee Restore Our Future have outspent Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum on TV advertising.

Graphic: Romney leads in total delegates

Graphic: Breakdown of pledged delegates per candidate

While some states like Florida, Minnesota and Arizona award the winner all delegates, most states allocate delegates differently. So tight wins in places like Iowa, Maine and Michigan can translate to only one or two more delegates than the second-place … Continue reading»

Republicans hope a big Super Tuesday win in Massachusetts for former Governor Mitt Romney could put the state, normally a lock for Democrats, up for grabs in November.

New Hampshire primary results, 99 percent reporting

298 of 301 precincts – 99 percent x-Mitt Romney … 97,339 – 39 percent Ron Paul … 56,601 – 23 percent Jon Huntsman … 41,796 – 17 percent Newt Gingrich … 23,329 – 9 percent Rick Santorum … 23,204 – … Continue reading»

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Jon Huntsman Jr. called his third-place finish Tuesday in the nation’s first presidential primary “a ticket to ride” on to South Carolina, the next state to vote in the race for the GOP nomination. His campaign had … Continue reading»