Bob Dole: Rick Santorum must soon consider dropping out

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas says GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is “getting close to the point” where he’ll have to decide whether to stay in the race for the nomination or drop out. In a … Continue reading»

Morning after Illinois win, Jeb Bush backs Mitt Romney

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is endorsing Mitt Romney for the GOP presidential nomination. Bush said the nation faces huge challenges and needs a leader who understands the economy, favors less government regulation, believes in “entrepreneurial capitalism” … Continue reading»

A powerful headline speaks volumes with just a few words. And Tuesday night after it became apparent Mitt Romney had defeated Rick Santorum in the Illinois Republican presidential primary, Internet headlines were shouting from the digital rooftops — so much … Continue reading»

Losing Illinois, Rick Santorum renews focus on freedom

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP) — Rick Santorum says freedom and curbing big government’s reach are the overriding issues in the presidential race. Despite his loss to GOP front-runner Mitt Romney in the Illinois primary, Santorum is pressing ahead with his campaign. … Continue reading»

Mitt Romney routs Rick Santorum in GOP primary in Illinois

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — Front-runner Mitt Romney won the Illinois primary with ease Tuesday night, defeating Rick Santorum in yet another industrial state showdown and padding his already-formidable delegate lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Romney triumphed after … Continue reading»

SALT LAKE CITY — John F. Harris, editor in chief and co-founder of Politico, was in Utah Tuesday speaking at Westminster College on politics and the 2012 presidential election. Harris has been a political reporter for more than two decades … Continue reading»

Top Republican super PAC donors backing Mitt Romney

JACK GILLUM, Associated Press STEPHEN BRAUN, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Major contributors to a key Republican political organization founded by political strategist Karl Rove have boosted their financial support for Mitt Romney, signaling that the GOP’s big money may … Continue reading»

Illinois voters get say in GOP race for president

CHRISTOPHER WILLS, Associated Press CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois voters got the rare chance Tuesday to weigh in on a presidential nomination race that hadn’t already been decided, as well as congressional and legislative races that could shape state politics for … Continue reading»

The 2012 Republican presidential race is now narrowed down to two men with a legitimate chance of grabbing the nomination — Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum — as well as two other candidates in Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul who, … Continue reading»