TAMPA, Florida — Norma Reno said even though she didn’t vote for Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s Florida GOP primary, he should be considered the party’s nominee if he wins here as expected.   “I voted for (Newt) Gingrich today because I think … Continue reading»

Less than 24 hours before Florida polls open, the Real Clear Politics average gives Romney an 11.5 point advantage, but the latest polls show the lead narrowing on the final stretch. “The race will be tighter than expected,” said InsiderAdvantage chief pollster Matt Towery inNewsMax, … Continue reading»

76 year old Ron Paul, the pied piper of… Generation X?

A colleague of mine and I were chatting and he confessed, “My 26-year-old son LOVES Ron Paul. He can’t stand when the media says anything bad about him.” We’ve seen that in spades on Decision 2012. Any time we say … Continue reading»

Why the presidential debates matter

From CNN: Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate in Jacksonville, Florida, sponsored by CNN, will be one of more than 20 such encounters in the past nine months. Beltway conventional wisdom says there have been too many debates. Read the full … Continue reading»

Second Florida Republican Debate Tonight

If Florida voters thought the South Carolina debates were nasty, they could be in for a shock tonight. With so much on the line (Romney’s sitting at 36% and Gingrich at 34% according to Wednesday’s CNN/Time/ORC International survey)  along with the increased … Continue reading»

Five things to watch for in the final Florida debate

From CBS News: The four remaining Republican presidential contenders will take the stage for their 19th — that’s right, 19th — debate Thursday evening. Hosted by CNN, the Republican Party of Florida and the Hispanic Leadership Network, tonight’s debate is … Continue reading»