Debates losing steam?

From The Associated Press: Debates were not an important factor in most voters’ decisions. About 34 percent in Michigan and 45 percent in Arizona said debates were an important factor, well off the debate high-point notched in Florida and South … Continue reading»

In an effort he is calling Operation Hilarity, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore told Rachel Maddow that he is urging Democrats to vote for Rick Santorum in Michigan Tuesday. Operation Hilarity was launched by Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos. “It’s … Continue reading»

According to a new Gallup poll, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has reclaimed his national lead over Rick Santorum with a 32 percent to 28 percent advantage over the former Senator. As of a week ago, Santorum held a 10-percentage-point … Continue reading»

News analysis The hurricane that raged from Iowa to Colorado has now given way to a momentary calm. But come Tuesday the pause gives way to another Republican nomination maelstrom, with struggles in Michigan and Arizona leading into the following … Continue reading»

Arizona’s debate: candidates playing a game of political Twister

By Rodney Fife Last night’s debate delivered more yawns then cheers and yells, and the evening was without any sharp zingers. Thus, there will be no change in the leading positions. There where brief periods where the candidates got into … Continue reading»

By Scott A. Robinson Rick Santorum: He stated very little of his actual positions during the debate. Rather, he was put on the defensive by attacks from Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. In his disastrous performance, he admitted to voting against … Continue reading»

Analyzing Wednesday’s Republican debate in Arizona

By Kenneth Sisler I am a Canadian, so I hesitate to publicly state some of my political views regarding another country’s political debate. First of all, when your have only four candidates left in the race for the Republican nomination … Continue reading»

By Guy Bliesner And then there were four. Wednesday night in Arizona, the remaining Republican candidates met in the most recent and possibly the last of the Republican debates in the series. How do they grade out? Rick Santorum: The presumptive … Continue reading»

By Daniel Burton With fingers crossed that this would be their last debate together, the final four Republican contenders for president faced off in Arizona on Wednesday night. The stakes were high — for some more than others. Without Mitt Romney’s … Continue reading»