By Daryl Acumen, For the Deseret News I’ve been asked who I thought won the first Senate debate, held April 14. My answer is that all three candidates won the debate that night, depending on how you define “winning.” Hatch … Continue reading»

With Rick Santorum out of the way, Newt Gingrich thinks he can consolidate the conservative base, he told Laura Ingraham on her radio show Wednesday. Meanwhile, Intrade gives him a .3 percent chance, falling well below Ron Paul and Jeb … Continue reading»

Rick Santorum’s decision to withdraw from the GOP nomination fight comes as Mitt Romney was preparing to ramp up pressure in Santorum’s home state. Romney had settled on the Pennsylvannia primary two weeks from today as his best chance to … Continue reading»

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mitt Romney has congratulated Rick Santorum on his campaign, calling him an ‘able and worthy competitor.’ According to a blog post on CNN, Romney issued the following statement: “Senator Santorum is an able and worthy competitor, and … Continue reading»