Ann Romney’s MS created campaign health ‘scare’

Ann Romney reveals in a new interview that, in the days leading up to the Super Tuesday presidential primaries on March 6, she silently suffered through a challenging health situation related to the multiple sclerosis diagnosis she received in 1998.

“I was quite fatigued, and I knew I couldn’t quit,” Romney told “Entertainment Tonight” in an interview airing Thursday night. “I didn’t tell anybody I was tired. I just kept going. I had a little bit of a scare. … I start to almost lose my words. I almost can’t think. I can’t get my words out. I start to stumble a little bit and so those things were happening and I thought, ‘Uh, oh. Big trouble.'”

In the wake of “Entertainment Tonight” placing portions of the interview online Thursday morning, myriad media outlets reported snippets about Romney’s battle with MS.

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