Josh Romney: Dad says we “have a long way to go” to win White House

SANDY — Josh Romney thanked Republicans gathered at the party’s state convention Saturday for all their hard work on behalf of his father’s presidential campaign.

“Utah has been an unbelievable state for my dad,” the only one of Mitt Romney’s five sons who lives in the state said at the start of the day-long gathering to choose GOP nominees — and the national delegates who’ll cast Utah’s ballots at the party’s national convention.

Josh Romney told the crowd that his father, known to Utahns as the leader of the 2002 Winter Olympics, never fails to credit the Utah volunteers for the event’s success during his campaign speeches.

But he also reminded them that there’s plenty of work ahead between now and November, recalling that he was there recently when Mitt Romney received the call letting him know his chief rival was dropping out of the race and the nomination was his.

“It was a pretty neat moment for myself and my dad,” Josh Romney said. Rather than relish it, though, he said his father told him, “We have a long way to go. Not only do I have to win the presidency, we have to turn this country around.”

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