GOP gauntlet

SANDY — Think of walking through a perfume department in a big department store, where aggressive sales clerks are trying to douse you with the latest fragrance.

Now, imagine that scene multiplied many, many, many times and you’ll know what it’s like to enter the South Towne Exposition Center on the day of the state GOP convention.

“Would you like a bag?”

“A bottle of water?”

“Breakfast? Donuts?”

Campaign volunteers created a gauntlet at the entrance to the hall, waving treats as well as flyers and brochures for every conceivable candidate. Not shy, they attempted to thrust the materials into the hands of anybody nearby while yelling the name of the candidate or the race.

Of course, not all the efforts were unwelcome. Some volunteers were driving around the massive parking lots in the area in golf carts decorated with campaign signs, picking up people headed to the convention.

Given that the main lot was full long before the 10 am convention start, the carts stayed busy throughout the morning.

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