Caucus turnout far exceeds previous years for Republicans

Thousands turn out at their neighborhood caucus meeting around Utah Thursday, March 15, 2012.

By Daniel Crowder
For the Deseret News

Republicans and Democrats alike have suffered dismal turnouts to their caucus meetings every two years. Along with all the money spent advertising when and where to be, even the LDS church is strongly encouraging attendance.

I am a regular attendee of my local Republican caucus meetings. I have been to all but one over the course of the last 10 years. I’ve seen how it used to be. We may get 10 people out. If we’re lucky, we may have had 15-20 participants attend.

My most recent meeting, however, far exceeded what us regulars have seen as the norm.

The count for my precinct was somewhere in the neighborhood of 78 people attending. What a drastic change two years can make. The prevailing attitude was the more, the merrier.

This adage proved itself true.

There were many viewpoints, mainly settling around the debate to keep Senator Orrin Hatch or vote Hatch out, but it was a civil and enlightening one at that. Everyone who turned out was very concerned and attentive to making the best decision they could, and open to listening to opposing viewpoints before settling on their choice.

I was selected as a county delegate for Salt Lake County, which is a position I have held in the past. I keep going to these meetings and conventions because it’s always been a great experience to help shape the political make-up of our state and what makes it tick.

I hope that sharing this experience can be the encouragement someone else needs to make the leap and get involved in a great caucus experience.

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