Quotable: Super Tuesday voters have their say in GOP race

The Associated Press

Comments from voters on Super Tuesday, the biggest night of the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination with 419 delegates at stake.

“I was ready for it to be over in November.” — Don Ryan, 71, of Anderson Township in suburban Cincinnati. Voted for Mitt Romney.

“He’s the smartest person I’ve ever heard speak. He gets straight to the point and he’s a straight forward guy.” — Joseph Steadman, of Nashville, 25, a district executive with the Boy Scouts of America. Voted for Newt Gingrich.

“I can’t see Romney. There’s just something about him, probably all that money.” — Robert G. Reed, 76, of Anderson Township in suburban Cincinnati. Voted for Rick Santorum.

“I think he’s a little more practical on the economy. I think Obama’s a little pie in the sky. His ideas maybe sound great, but they don’t seem to work well.” — John Schaefer, 67, a physician in Norfolk, Va. Voted for Romney

“Rick Santorum is way too far right and Newt has way too much baggage.” — Rendon Chambers, 26, a political science student at the University of Oklahoma. Voted for Romney at a church in Moore.

“If it comes down to it, I’d vote for Mickey Mouse before I’d vote for Obama.” — John Legg, 54, of Columbus, a supervisor at a plant that makes bakery machine parts. Legg voted for Gingrich.

“Most of them are concerned with religious rights and putting their views on other people. And there’s something about Romney that I just don’t like, I don’t trust.” — Chuck Horning, 47, an independent from Anderson Township, Ohio, who voted on local issues and avoided choosing a GOP candidate.

“I don’t think the Republicans have that guy out there who can beat Obama.” — Chuck Grant, 58, a teacher from Westerville, near Columbus, Ohio. Voted for Santorum.

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