Chaffetz predicts ‘great day’ for Romney on Super Tuesday

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz predicted tomorrow’s Super Tuesday elections will be a “great day” for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“I think Mitt Romney will come out on top,” Chaffetz said before leaving Utah Monday for Washington. He continues to campaign for Romney, doing interviews with local and national media outlets, including CNN.

But Chaffetz said even a big win tomorrow in states like Ohio, where the latest polls put Romney just slightly ahead of former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, won’t be enough to end the race.

Still, he said he hopes Super Tuesday’s results push fellow Republicans to get behind Romney as the best candidate to beat President Barack Obama in November.

“I hope so. I see things thorugh the ‘Mitt Romney goggles.’ I hope everyone else sees things as clearly as I do,” Chaffetz said. “We as a party have to start focusing on Barack Obama.”

He is certain, though, that no other Republicans will get in the race. There’s been some talk the party may end up having to recuit a new candidate, such as former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin or former Florida Gov Jeb Bush.

“Nah, no way,” Chaffetz said. “Remember how good (former candidate Texas Gov.) Rick Perry looked until he opened his mouth……Everybody likes the backup quarterback until he gets into the game.”




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