Arizona’s debate: candidates playing a game of political Twister

By Rodney Fife

Last night’s debate delivered more yawns then cheers and yells, and the evening was without any sharp zingers. Thus, there will be no change in the leading positions. There where brief periods where the candidates got into heated discussions.

If I were to pick a winner, it would be Mitt Romney. However, he failed to deliver any home runs. He did throw in some quick jabs. Romney was successful in starting the hottest point of contention in the event. Romney successfully painted his opponents as having a favorable view of earmarks. Rick Santorum made the mistake and actually started defending earmarks. Romney was somewhat successful in painting himself in the light of being the only outsider. He successfully defended his view of the auto bail outs and showed he understands economics.

Santorum proved to be disappointing. His appearance showed that he was uncomfortable in the lime light. Santorum delivered flustered looks and angry remarks in response to his opponent’s charges. He tried to throw mud balls at Romney, but was unable to back them up with any substantial facts. The moderators and his opponents failed to mention his recent remarks that some feel where filled with religious radicalism.

For those who were looking for the dark horse to show his head you were really disappointed. Newt Gingrich failed on accounts to deliver any hits. He failed to gain any lime light. Gingrich failed to help resurrect his platform. He is the only one that thinks he has a chance of being president. Gingrich has been left in the dust.

Ron Paul was able to sit on the sidelines and mock the other candidates. He was able to deliver some zingers. Paul will continue to gain small portions of delegates to the convention their eventual nominee will have to listen to his platform in order to unify the party.

Romney is expected to win Arizona. Michigan is in a statically dead heat. This debate will fail to deliver any changes in those races or Super Tuesday.

Rodney Fife is the marketing director for the Gluten Free Consumer. He is also a full-time student at Utah Valley University.

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