Analyzing Wednesday’s Republican debate in Arizona

By Kenneth Sisler

I am a Canadian, so I hesitate to publicly state some of my political views regarding another country’s political debate.

First of all, when your have only four candidates left in the race for the Republican nomination for president, you have to have some strengths in order to get this far in the race.

Mitt Romney: Romney did well to connect with Catholic voters and people of faith in general. He also came out on top in portraying himself as a Washington outsider. Romney showed his knowledge of business very well. Grade: A

Newt Gingrich: Gingrich wasn’t able to get the standing ovations like he has in other debates. He didn’t attack Rick Santorum enough, who is currently leading in the national polls. Grade: C

Ron Paul: Paul did a good job at showing when it comes to fiscal conservatism that Santorum’s record shows he is really not a fiscal conservative. Grade: B

Rick Santorum: Santorum took a beating from both Romney and Paul on a few issues. Santorum didn’t do a good enough job showing how he is different from the other Republican candidates. Grade: D

Ken Sisler worked for 19 years in the Premier’s Office (similar to the Governor’s Office) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, under three different political parties.

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