Other poll tidbits prior to Arizona debate


Preparations continue on a stage at the Mesa Arts Center for Wednesday nights GOP presidential debate hosted by CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012,. (AP Photo/East Valley Tribune, Tim Hacker )

AP reports that two new NBC News/Marist Polls show Romney with a double-digit lead over Santorum in Arizona, and the two running neck and neck in Michigan. Both states hold their GOP presidential primaries next Tuesday.

ARIZONA: Romney, 43 percent; Santorum, 27 percent; Gingrich, 16 percent; Paul, 11 percent.

MICHIGAN: Romney, 37 percent; Santorum, 35 percent; Paul, 13 percent; Gingrich, 8 percent.


  1. David

    Hopefully Romney can perform well tonight in the debate and go on to win both Arizona and Michigan. Momentum from those two wins could greatly help Romney on Super Tuesday. A good Super Tuesday showing could propel Romney to the convention with momentum and delegates.

    Santorum will not beat Obama in the general election. He can’t earn the moderate and independent vote with the comments he has been making. He has positioned himself too far to the right.

    • TC

      Ron Paul is the clear cut winner tonight in the Arizona debate. While the media doesn’t give Paul a chance, I’m reminded that electability is not based on the opinion of the media elites. Electability is based upon delegates. Ron Paul has plenty of delegates and many more. Also, note how Paul polls better than the others against Obama. It’s because Paul is like a breath of fresh air and appeals to independents, moderates, and to disappointed Democrats as well. I can see why-as Dr. Paul is consistent in his voting record and trustworthy in his oaths. We are tired of oathbreakers and party loyalists who care nothing of the Constitution and nothing of our country but to run it into debt disintegration.

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