Romney drowns out hecklers in Hialeah

HIALEAH, Fla. — Mitt Romney was trying to talk about patriotism Sunday to the crowd gathered outside the Case Marin restaurant in this largely Hispanic community near Miami, but several hecklers started to jeer.

“You can speak as long as you want to,” Romney said, raising his voice and gesturing in the direction of the undecipherable taunts. “We will stand for freedom and we will not be shouted down by those who would change America. We will stand for the America we love.”

The crowd, who’d already been won over by Romney’s youngest son, Craig, addressing them in Spanish and Romney’s tough talk about Castro and other dictators, cheered wildly.

The taunts likely came from Occupy protestors, who have been attempting to dispute primary election campaign events around the country. Earlier Sunday, several protestors appeared at a rally at a shopping and entertainment complex with paper play money taped over their mouths.



you can speak as long as you want to. we will stand for freedom we will not be shoulted down by those who woulod change america. we will stand for the america we love…ROmney

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