Mormon tithing under national media microscope after Mitt Romney releases his financial data

By Joseph Walker, Deseret News

Several nationally prominent news outlets have taken advantage of the recent release of two years worth of Mitt Romney’s tax documents to take a close look at LDS tithing doctrine, policy and practice.

Rachel Zoll of the Associated Press says “Romney reports he will give a total of $4.13 million to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (during 2010 and 2011) as part of his overall charitable donations.” And she indicates that some Romney supporters are concerned that releasing that number will “fuel opposition to him based on his religion.”

“It can be misconstrued if the sums of money he’s giving to the church struck observers as unusual or as indicating some particular loyalty that threatens his independence as a politician,” said Terryl Givens, a professor at the University of Richmond and author of several books on Latter-day Saints, to the AP.

Read the full report here.

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