Why Newt’s very creepiness might make him a better president

Keith Ablow, photo from WikipediaA  psychiatrist named Keith Ablow writes for Fox News that Newt Gingrich’s serial infidelities may make him a more effective president, in part because his willingness to speak bluntly to his newly-diagnosed-with-serious-illnesses-and-soon-to-be-former-wives might help him explain difficult things to the country.

Ablow, who is a psychiatrist for Fox News (a network which obviously needs one) sees only one danger in this scenario, i.e. that another (probably younger, perhaps richer) country might come along and want Newt to be its president.  No, I am not making this up, and no, I have no idea if he is pulling our leg, though on the latter question I do not find the smirk in his photo very reassuring.

In addition to psychoanalyzing Fox News, Ablow offers a life coaching service, which can help you with just about everything, including “weight loss, improving relationships spiritual growth and finding love,” the last of these apparently with no holds barred.

About the same time as Ablow unleashed his profundities, John Oliver at the Daily Show landed on a similar notion.  In a segment entitled Freaker of the Spouse, Oliver argues that Gingrich’s handling of his infidelities has demonstrated a gutsiness that will serve him well negotiating with Congress or even the Chinese.

Oliver, for the record, was joking.


  1. Linda

    This article is one more excellent example of why Newt’s candidacy is surging: the elites just still don’t get it! These nasty ad hominim attacks may be somewhat entertaining for a brief moment but they are useless in serving the nation. Newt’s new popularity is exploding because of his in-your-face attitude in calling out the media. We’re sick of the mean-spirited, “disagree-with-us-and-we’ll-ruin-you” tactics. Focus, please on the needs of the nation. We want to hear about the issues that impact us daily, impact our position in the world, and will help us rise above. This playground nah-nah-nah-nah is enough! We’re over it!

  2. Pat

    If you will lie and cheat on your wife, the likelihood that you will lie and cheat in any other relationship you have is pretty high. We have had enough of lying and cheating and there is no end in sight. Honestly, I had a dream that Newt Gingrich reincarnated as Captain Kangaroo and was trying to convince all the animals on the farm to get a “real job” because providing food for them was making him the “food stamp farmer”! No offense to Captain Kangaroo. Many of us grew up on his engaging program.

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