Mitt Romney to release tax returns

Mitt Romney will release his 2010 tax returns online Tuesday morning. He also said he will release an estimate of his 2011 returns. He conceded Sunday morning in an interview on Fox News Sunday that not releasing them before the South Carolina Primary was likely responsible for his defeat. “We made a mistake in holding off as long as we did,” he told Chris Wallace during the interview.

“People can look through them. It’ll provide, I think, plenty of information for people to understand that the sources of my income are exactly as described in the financial disclosure statements that we put out several months ago,” he said.

Newt Gingrich has indicated that he is pleased with the decision and is ready to move past the subject.


  1. Steve Thompson

    The more that Main Street America learns about the wealth of the remaining candidates, the more that we should be realizing that they are disingenuous when telling us that they understand what we have been going through since the Great Recession. As shown here, their Financial Disclosures betray the fact that they are well placed among America’s 0.01 percent:

  2. Robert

    Candidates are not required to release tax returns, and I don’t think they should. It seems a big violation of privacy to me. As long as they’ve obeyed the law, nothing else should matter.

  3. Maddy

    I’m predicting Romney won’t release any tax returns earlier than 2010. According to an article (2007) Money/CNN, “last
    year Romney’s adviser sold dozens of stocks, some of which he believed would be politically sensitive. Among them: gaming companies such as Bally and Harrah’s, and companies that do business with Iran, including European oil producers Eni SpA and Total. The sales explain Romney’s ultrahigh 2006 income.

  4. peter

    In my mind, Romney’s tax returns is a nonissue and a distraction from real issues facing this nation with such a radical and out of control “President” and congress, and people are allowing the MSM to divert their attention away from more important matters. We need to demand better from the media and not settle for the crap they deliberately feed us.

  5. Brad Caldwell

    Candidates should not need to produce tax returns. This whole issue is skirting the fact that the loss of Mitt Romney in So. Carolina came down to a Mormon issue. Some Evagelicals are bigots when it comes to Mormons.

  6. Eric

    I find it interesting that Gingrich was so opposed to details of his personal life being discussed during the South Carolina debate, yet he’s adamant about the release of his (and Romney’s) personal tax returns. As long as they’ve both filed their taxes in conformity with the law, who cares how much they made? I think it’s funny that Gingrich is proud of the fact that he pays about a third of his income to the government via taxes. That tells me that he doesn’t know how to handle his own money — and people want to give him the reins of the federal government? No thanks, I’ll pass.

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