S.C. Google search traffic: Newt’s wives and a very vanilla Romney

The fine folks at Google Politics and Elections are downright awesome. (If you’re reading our Decision 2012 blog and you haven’t visited Google Politics and Elections yet, we highly recommend that you do so. Immediately)

On Thursday they created a graphic that illustrates how “(Newt) Gingrich has seen a 690-percent increase in search traffic since Monday” for Google searches coming out of South Carolina.

Then Friday, Google gave America two graphics comparing and contrasting the specifics of what South Carolinians are seeking when they perform a Google search for either Gingrich or Romney. (H/T Politico’s Burns & Haberman blog)

A prevailing common thread among the Newt searches appears to be his wives.

The Romney searches, however, have a decidedly more vanilla flavor than Gingrich’s.

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