Ken Jennings: Mormons Don’t All Relish Romney

An early forerunner to the Mormon Moment was Ken Jennings, who a few years back made history on Jeopardy.  Like Mitt Romney, Jennings is a graduate of BYU, a school that seems to attract at least a few smart students.

Jennings has made a career as an author and is also a frequent op ed commentator, often helping to explain Mormon culture to curious outsiders.  So today, he has a piece in the New York Daily news that picks up the Pew study and moves on to the Romney candidacy.

Some might object to Jenning’s portrayal of Mormons as “know nothings” who try to shield their children in a paranoid ostrich-like defensive crouch.  It certainly does not reflect any of the Mormon communities I have experienced in California or Utah.

But he makes some other fair points, including the notion that many Mormons are not relishing the Romney candidate, and really don’t want their faith defined by a scrappy if able politician.

Jennings is interesting, and the piece is worth the read.  Read it here.


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  1. wQueens7

    I really enjoyed this article and your blog piece on it. I, as an agnostic secular humanist independent minded spirit, who had known and loved many LDSers, am always looking for the emergence of “minority American cultures'” voices in the mainstream. I’m not sure who “has the voice” of your tribe in the mainstream, but my community “mixed raced African American” is often misrepresented by blohards. I appreciate it when the “minority-minority” voices are heard, and I think that Messers Jennings and Schulzke are doing this good work, thanks.

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